Please use our "PHOTO BOOTH REQUEST FORM" to request a booth and we will email a detailed proposal and quote to you as soon as possible.



How much is a custom backdrop?

  • If the client requests a custom backdrop that Uniquee Booths cannot re-use for future events or requests a special backdrop/prop that exceeds average backdrop costs, the client will be charged. 
  • For example, if the client would like a custom printed backdrop with their names, faces, etc. The client will be charged for the expenses to produce those items. In such cases, the client will also be able to keep all custom items.
  • For custom backdrop requests that are re-usable for other events, a discounted price will be given. 
  • Be sure to let your Uniquee Booths representative know you're looking for a custom backdrop so they can send you a quote and examples!

What are fees, if any, are added to the base per hour price?

  • Uniquee Booths charges a base per hour price to run the photo booth and a travel fee, roundtrip.
  • A client should expect to also pay applicable WA state sales tax that averages about 10% of the total per hour price.

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

All Deposits and bookings are non refundable. You may change your dates, if the date is available. We do not provide refunds for cancellations.

Do I have to pay for set-up/tear-down time?

  • No. You only pay for hours during which our photo booth is fully running. For instance, if you order 3 hours, we will include an extra 1-2 hours free or charge for set-up and tear-down.
  • Am I required to tip the photo booth attendants at the event?
  • Tipping photo booth attendants at events is not required. You may decide to tip at your own discretion.

What if I want to add another hour at the event?

Sometimes customers and their guests don't want the fun with us to end, and we totally understand! If you would like an additional hour, please let your attendant know, and they will contact their manager to authorize an extra hour of your photo booth service.However, we also value the time and energy of our hardworking attendants:

  • If an attendant has a schedule conflict that requires them to be off at the time originally agreed upon, we may deny the request for an additional hour.
  • You will be sent an additional invoice after your event to pay for the extra hour at the base rate for the booth you booked. 
  • Additional hours that are requested day of are an additional $150 base rate.
  • The additional payment can made at the end of the event online or in cash. Online payments will require additional Washington state taxes.

Do you provide charity or pro bono photo booth sessions?

Yes! We love getting involved in our community and doing our part. If you'd like to discuss an event with our team, email or call us.

  • Digital only package - Photo booth only.


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