Please use our "PHOTO BOOTH REQUEST FORM" to request a booth and we will email a detailed proposal and quote to you as soon as possible.

Event Setup Questions

How big of an area is needed for the Photo Booth setup?

  • Miracle 360 Video Booth: 15ft x 15ft Space
  • LED 360 Video Booth: 20ft x 20ft Space
  • LED Inflatable Enclosure: 8.2ft x 8.2ft Space
  • Ring Mirror Photobooth: 8ft x 8ft Space
  • Glow Photobooth: 10ft x 10ft Space (WIFI REQUIRED)
  • LED Photo Booth: 10ft x 10ft Space
  • Mirror Photo Booth: 10ft x 10ft Space

ALL of our booths REQUIRE: A wall plug, a ramp, or elevator for entry, wifi(not required, preferred) The Ring Mirror Booth and the Mirror Booth require a prop table for their printers. 

What is the difference between a Photobooth and a 360 Video Booth?

  • Our photo booths consist of a camera, lights, and a printer. Excellent for an event with little space. Our photo booth set up is adjustable and easily portable. The printer can be placed separately on the prop table and we have an all in one photo booth with a printer inside. This option is perfect for unique room layouts.
  • A 360 Video Booth takes up a bit more space, but all components are contained in a single unit, with bright, colorful lights to draw in guests at an event. This option provides a sleek look for all events and unlimited slow motion videos sent via text.

Where is the best place to put the Photo Booth at my event?

  • Due to the beautiful decorative nature of our photo booths, the best location in a very central, visible area. This ensures that as many guests as possible know about the booth and can come and enjoy it!
  • We request that your location at minimum have access to an electrical outlet within 30ft of the photo booth setup.


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