Please use our "PHOTO BOOTH REQUEST FORM" to request a booth and we will email a detailed proposal and quote to you as soon as possible.

General Questions

How do I book a photo booth for my event?

  • To contact us, you can use email, or call us directly.
  • To help us assist you sooner, please include as much event information as you have available.
  • A Uniquee Booths representative will then provide you with the availability of the date you requested, as well as an estimate of the costs if duration information is provided.
  • If you're happy with the estimate and we are available on your event date, the Uniquee Booths representative will then set up a date/time to have a phone call with you to go over your event details, discuss customization options, and deposit/payment amounts.

What photo booths do you offer?

  • Uniquee Booths has 5 different photo booths ranging in size.  
  • 3 LED photo booths that offer unlimited instant prints and continuous LED light shows.
  •  2 Video Booths that capture unlimited slow motion videos.

When is a event date considered "booked"?

  • Our photo booths are available on a first-come, first-served basis. A photo booth is considered booked upon payment of a deposit and a signature on our Terms and Conditions contract.
  • Until both the deposit AND signing the contract are complete, the date is available for booking by another customer. However, we will inform you if another customer is looking to book the same date/time as you.
  • In the event of multiple customers looking to book the same date/time, booking slots are reserved by whoever completes the deposit payment and contract signing first.

What is required of me as the event host or planner?

  • We allow you to be as involved as you would like or as hands-off .
  • The minimum involvement we need from you after booking includes:
  1. Approving our photo strip and backdrop designs for your event
  2. Deciding the location of the photo booth at the event.

Will Uniquee Booths use my images on their website or for advertising? 

  • Regarding our terms and conditions, Unique Booths retains the right to use any image(s) for its self-promotion. This includes using image(s) on the website or in advertising.

What if I don’t wish for my image to be used?

  • Prior to the event date a client can request that no photos are taken of the event venue or guest in attendance. Your photo booth attendant will be notified in advance.
  • If a client or their guest does not wish for their image to be used, they may contact Uniquee Booths anytime and request an image not be used, or if it has been used, to have it removed from our social media gallery as soon as possible.


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