360 Video Booths

Our Luxury 360 Video Booths fit well in any venue with up to 15x15ft space (A wider 20x20ft space will apply for the arger LED 360 Video Booth). The booths provide your guest with unlimited slow motion videos. You have the ability to select your own custom border for your 360 video as well as selecting the song that will play for your guest videos. Each time your guest enters a session they will stand on the 360 platform and the photo bar will rotate twice around your guest for 5 seconds. Once sent to the sharing station, their video will then play in slow motion for 20 seconds as well as play your song of choice, for each video. The video can be shared to their phone instantly.

Our Miracle 360 platform can fit up to 4 people and our large LED Platform can fit up to 6 people.

Additional Information.

1. Slow start & high speed smooth rotation

2. Easy setup & transport. (Ramp/Elevator Required if stairs are present)

3. Extremely stable & safe, Anti-slip & shaking, 0 noise (When following our safety guidelines.)

4. Adults and Children can use video booths (Those who are willing to follow our safety guidelines.)

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